Lost property
Lost property found in our busses are deposited by the garage on the same day. Here the lost property is stored.

Customers / guests must contact the bus company and provide information about which trip, on which day and at what time of day. Find contact information below.

Handing over of valuable goods

Valuable goods such as personal papers, wallets, credit-cards, driver’s license, bus cards, keys, cash, watches, jewelry, bags (of high value or containing valuable goods), phones, computers and the like can be collected at the garage. 

It is possible to collect lost property by appointment - yet not before 12.00 o'clock on the day after the trip.

After being stored in a period of max. 7 days, unclaimed valuable lost property is handed over to the police at Vestegnen.

Handing over of goods "without value"

  • It is possible to collect goods such as scarfs, beanie/caps, gloves, umbrellas and the like, by appointment on the day after the trip as to where the goods were lost.
  • Opening hours: Monday to friday at 10.00 - 14.00 o'clock
  • Goods "without value" are stored at the bus company up until 4 weeks whereafter they are destoryed or handed over to non-profit or charity purposes.

Lost property is rare

Our drivers MUST go through the bus after each trip

If you have lost something, contact us at:

Adress for lost property

Garagen (The Garage)

CPH travel – Birchs

Tlf.: +45 70 26 12 55

Meterbuen 6-12, Building 4A – 2740 Skovlunde