Driving for persons with disabilities
Driving for schools

Driving is a matter of confidence

It is a main issue for CPH travel that our customers are happy - and they are!

We know what it means to get of to a good start of a trip. Whether it is a children, youngsters, elders or families who are going, we know that feelings such as nervousness, missing and excitement are a part of it. Therefore, we make sure that there is room and time for our passengers to get a good start of their trip. Our experienced drivers always ensure comfort, precision and of course road safety. We always take breaks, road works and other delays into account, so that you will reach you destination at the appointed time. It is vital for us that you as a passenger get a pleasant trip!

Fixed prize for driving. We always base our offers upon destination and the number of passengers. Furthermore, included in our offers are cleaning, road charges and insurance, meaning no pays in addition.

At all trips it is possible to order provisions. See the assortment of food and drink here  

Our benefits!
You get...

  • Disability-friendly

  • Full guarantee for experiences

  • Provisioning / food & beverages

  • Mike and loud speaker in the bus

  • Comfortable seats

  • Fixed price

  • Shopping trips

  • Happy customers

  • Power and WiFi in the bus